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Anyone know why my number of posts/messages has dropped from 800+ to 200 and something. I know some may have been lost in the archived thread. Sudden loss of 600 posts gives me that undervalued feeling. :D
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Mine's down over a thousand too, although the number of "Likes" is still the same.
Glad it's not just me. Thought I was being punished for something. :D
Looks like I'll have to try even harder to get to the "Well-Known Member" status. :(
There's now an announcement under the Hummy Arms forum listing that says "Messages posted in this forum will not contribute towards the posting user's total messages count".

Seems like a reasonable idea, but who did it and why without discussion?
My personal difficulty is that I think of Hummy.tv as a club, but actually it's an autocracy. There are hidden forces in the background who don't consider themselves accountable, don't contribute, have their costs paid by users enthusiastic enough to be donors, and apparently can do what they like according to their own agenda.

They should remember it's the contributors that have made this a great forum, and, while this particular unilateral and unannounced change is reasonably harmless (it pushes general chat down the forum aims list), meddle at peril.
Just what are you implying? We all withdraw our support and go to that other autocracy AVF?
If, by support, you mean donation - I did think of making one, but for various technical reasons, couldn't. Now I will not be donating any time soon.
I'm beginning to agree with BH on this one :eek:. The help threads in the Arms (printer, router etc) are valuable contributions. Some of the others (the archived thread) probably are not.
If you mean support as in the sharing of knowledge on those threads that are for everything Humax (and perhaps general technical help), that would shoot everyone in the feet. Probably not a good idea.
In my view, since they are not personally paying for and solely responsible for the running and success of the forum, the autocrats should place the forum in the hands of a properly elected committee that is answerable to the members, just like any other club. There should be no unilateral actions.

It's easy enough to look up who are the admins and mods (or at least their pseudonyms), and the one thing that has always struck me is the question: why are these people (in particular) admins? (af123 not included - we know how and why he became an admin, but there remains an element of the old guard lurking)
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Looks like I'll have to try even harder to get to the "Well-Known Member" status. :(

That's going to be very hard. With the exception of CF threads, the others are well worn now with little new information added. Anyway you would have to be incredibly quick to get your response in as the regular Usain Bolts are constantly monitoring.

The removal and archiving of threads achieves very little, in my opinion, but members should think before posting and self censor if their comments seem over inflammatory or insulting to others.