DTR-T2000 overheating?


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I hope somebody can help me with this.
I have a brand new DTR-T2000 stacked on top of an elderly HDR-Fox T2 and today the T2000 reported no TV Signal despite having a verified good feed. This was resolved by a reboot of the box which got the picture back. The base of the unit felt warm/hot to the touch, however the top of the T2 was only mildly warm. Could the T2000 have over heated? Do I need to allow more air space between the units? Or is this a known sporadic problem with these units? Any advice would be most welcome as I'm a trifle worried about this happening again.

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Does the DRT-2000 have an internal fan?

I have two HDR-FOXes stacked, but they have fans of course. The fact is that the thermal management is designed for normal ambient conditions, and you will (probably) find a specification for the maximum ambient temperature it is designed to work in - which probably does not include sitting on top of another heat source. If the DRT-2000 does have a fan, you need to check it is working.

And, let's face it, it is not unknown for Humax units to occasionally need a reboot!


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Thanks Black Hole - I'll check the fan arrangement - it is vented on the sides and looks to have a fan outlet at the rear - the HDR doesn't seem to give off a lot of heat but the DTR seems to get hot around the aerial input area at the rear. I'll try a separator between the units - there is plenty of air at the sides / top and rear and see if it reoccurs.