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Hi all. Moving over to this unit after years of using the wonderful Topfield 5800. Most of the things lacking on the Hummy, I can cope with, but as I work away, I tend to record loads of things to watch in short bursts. Inevitably these stack up. To avoid losing precious recordings, on my Toppy I would simpy take the recordings off via USB, and store them as backups. THIS is the main feature that I am going to miss. However, looking into this, it seems that maybe the Hummy SD recordings are not encrypted? Therefore, would I be able to open up the box, attach the disk to my laptop, load SRT (pc rescue kit) and then drag the files off? Reversing this, when I need them back on the disk, or, when I need to put them on a different disk/Hummy?

The SRT program features Ubuntu so I hopefully this would all work as a plan - easing my worries!

Appreciate comments on this, and any other backup ideas anyone may have?

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Where are you getting this information from - the discussion about HD/HDR-FOX and FOXSAT-HDR? That does not apply to the YouView box, if you read the existing discussion in the relevant section of this forum I think you will find it is all locked down and you cannot export any recording regardless of being StDef. IIRC the HDD has an encrypted file system.


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Couldnt find the relevant discussion I'm afraid. So, you are saying its impossible to backup this box then? For the record, I'm not trying to 'export' any recordings, rather, if at all possible, I would be ripping them off the disk via PC.
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I may be giving bum info about file system encryption - I know there are some units which do and I presumed this is one of them. I wouldn't know about the USB functionality, I don't have one.

I suggest you look through this section of the forum for pertinent information. Regarding encrypted file systems, this topic looks relevant: http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/dtr-t1000-encrypted-filesystems.2430/

StDef recordings are not encrypted on the Freeview recorders HDR-FOX, HDR-1800/2000T, and HD-FOX (with an external drive). I can't say about others. YouView, FreePlay etc are much more "locked down".