DTR T2110 - Owning your own can still cost you.

Chris Green

Not so much a tale of woe, just a salutary warning.

Bought a BT-badged DTR T1000 a while back, which with alarming predictability went t***-up in a few months.

It was under an extended warranty from Currys, who changed it for the DTR T2110.

This operated well until I mothballed it recently as I'd taken on BT Vision with my house move, and BT supplied me with a brand-new identical machine, my logic being 'might as well wear theirs out first'.

Then, as my house has ethernet wiring, I thought I'd be flash and install my older T2110 in the guest bedroom. No problems so far - the remotes couldn't clash separated by two storeys! All the catch-ups worked fine, and ominously it had even sprouted the BT menu icon out of nowhere.

This is where the fun begins. Having checked to see if I really can get BT Vision, suddenly, I'm confronted with a message which more or less says "Is that a replacement box that needs registering or is it a second box, in which case that costs more once registered".

The moral of the story is, if you have two BT-badged boxes only install one at a time, or make your guests promise not to go near the BT menu button - or of course don't connect it to the web and just use it as a PVR, which rather defeats the object of it being a YouView box!

I shudder to think what would have happened had the 'guests' been kids with their talent for pressing a button just to see what it does!
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