DTT Receiver Download Schedule

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The DTT Receiver Download Schedule web page as indexed in the forum listings under Broadcast Discussions HERE (click) doesn't look like it is being kept up to date.


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How do you know? Perhaps there really are no new downloads.
Use of the facility seems to have fizzled out, probably because the DTG try to make money out of it and the manufacturers are not interested (and that most boxes just update themselves via the IP network rather than the RF broadcast network now).
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Yes, quite right, but it would help if the page was updated to say so rather than just being left to rot (so my original assertion is correct):

Over-air downloads scheduled for this week and next are given on this page. A similar system operates for Freesat receivers and the updates currently being broadcast are listed at the bottom of the page...

Freesat data updated Friday 15th May 2015 16:41
...and no mention of Freeview at all. Newbies visiting the page via our forum will likely be confused.