EPG data from XMLTV


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First of all, thank you for a great "hack" of the HDR Fox T2, the extra functionality
provided is great!

I have however one problem - the Swedish provider Boxer, provides incomplete EPG
info, if you're not using EPG+, so I was wondering if it would be possible to have the
epg/epgd import XMLTV formated EPG information into the epg.db ?

thank you in advance


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That link, Ezra, is for the BBC listing - TV Times is a well known other purveyor of TV listings and is not BBC

Ezra Pound

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I'm not sure if you are saying the site is BBC only or excludes BBC listings, but the link in #2 seems to have both BBC and non-BBC listings for 14 Days, here is an example for the 10th June :-


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I think that he means your linked text should be changed to show "RadioTimes", and Not "TV Times".