EPG reverts to "full" list on reboot

I have recently installed the custom software and the web interface.

On the FOXSAT I deleted the channels I don't use, leaving about 20.
On the interface Channel Editor page I imported the FOXSAT data.
The next time Switched on the FOXSAT all the deleted channels had been reinstated, so I have just tried the deletion working from the interface - I set a channel to Hidden. It seems to have worked, but I don't relish the prospect of doing this to each of the many channels I don't want one by one.
Is there an easier way?

Addendum: since writing the above I set all the channels in the range 700-799, except 704, to Hidden. I saved the changes, then rebooted the box. All the 700s are still visible, so it seems I would have to reinstate the standard software if I want to maintain a short EPG list. This can't be right.

Further: while I was writing the last bit, with the EPG on the TV and the web interface Channel Editor still loaded, the Editor, all by itself, reset the Hidden channels to Default. Havd I been hacked by a foreign power, do you think?
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