external drive in fat32 4gb limit


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i understand the 4gb limit , but does it mean that files smaller than that take up 4gb on the disk.

if not i plan to get a fat32 500gb drive ie sonnics, verbatim or similar .

this to store and play more programs.

also need to transfer the files to windows pc.



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Files above 4GB are truncated, i.e. the end of the programme is lost. Below 4GB the file size is whatever it is.

NTFS is fine (read and write) with custom firmware and the NTFS-3g package installed: no 4GB limit. Ext3 also has no 4GB limit, does not require custom firmware and can be formatted by the HDR-FOX itself. This requires a free programme (e.g. EXT2fsd) for read/ write in Windows.