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External USB Drives not showing correctly

Since returning from holiday I have encountered a strange occurrence with one of my Humax HDR Boxes. When viewing on the TV screen or through the webif browser the “Media”, “My Video” lists where I would usually see the external USB drives, they are showing, but are empty usb-drive1 through to usb-drive5?


Also “Media”, “My Video” is showing [USB Storage] at the top, but sub folders i.e.
drive1, drive2 etc are empty?


When viewing on the TV, Screen, selecting “Storage” via the blue button the USB Drives display and are fully populated?

I have run fix flash packages and reset the DLNA database, but the problem remains the same?

Has something happen with the mvdisks package or has there been some form of update?


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These are real physical drives, I take it? Wow!

One question and five question marks, I'll take it this is the question and the rest are actually statements:

Has something happen with the mvdisks package or has there been some form of update?
Not that I know of.

It would have helped if you had mentioned mvdisks upfront, so it didn't take until the last paragraph to understand what's going on. I still can't quite get it - why is there a "[USB Storage]" folder in My Video? I take it you created that. But then, I don't understand why there would also be "usb-drive[1:5]" at the same level as [Deleted Items].
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Excuse the additional question marks, yes these are real physical drives, no I did not create [USB Storage], it first appeared on my return from holiday. I can access the USB drives okay from the blue button, but not through the Webif anymore, maybe some other package as been changed which has affected things
I have checked both of my other Humax HDR boxes, one has the same problem, the other is unaffected. the version of mvdisks is 0.3 on the affected boxes and 0.1 on the box that is okay. So I presume there is some issue with version 0.3, can I roll back to 0.1 to see if this is the case.
It's been a few days since I reported my issues about the inability to view external hard drives correctly from within the webif. I wonder if this problem is related to the virtual-disk2 problems another member is encountering


Any help would be appreciated
I'm new to the Forum and this is my first post, so please forgive any faux pas.
I'd also like to express my admiration and thanks to all the developers and supporters of the HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware.

I have a similar problem to Starbase's, albeit I only have two external USB drives attached to my HDR T2.

When I first installed the mvdisks package last year, it generated new "usb-drive1" & "usb-drive2" folders, in alphabetical order, in my HDD Media list (the "My Video" folder).
Each of these two folders displayed the media list contents of the physical drives attached to the HDR T2 and, more importantly for me, on the DLNA Server database.
I didn't make a note of the version # of the mvdisks package I used at the time.

A month or so ago I noticed a new "[USB Storage]" folder had appeared at the top of the "My Video" folder, containing "drive1" and "drive2" sub-folders.
However, the original existing "usb-drive1" & "usb-drive2" were also still present.
I assumed an upgrade had been made, or was still in progress, as I had also installed the auto-update package when I first installed the mvdisks package.
As the original existing "usb-drive1" & "usb-drive2" were both empty, and have not been re-populated when running mvdisks version 0.3, I have manually deleted them.
Running mvdisks version 0.3 does not re-create these folders, which would indicate that the mvdisks package has been upgraded since I first used it.

My HDR T2 is set to restart every 24 hours.
I am therefore guessing that this restart process causes the media list contents of the "drive1" and "drive2" sub-folders under the "[USB Storage]" folder to be deleted.

In order to have full functionality back, I now have to delete the "[USB Storage]" folder, remove and then re-install the mvdisks package, followed by a DLNA database reset.
A tad tedious, but at least I have a workaround...

Given that over a month has now gone by since the change occurred, I am keen to determine if the changes made to the mvdisks package in version 0.3, or the supporting software in the busybox package, are actually the cause of these problems, or if I should be looking elsewhere for the cause.

As a newby to the Forum, I'd be grateful if someone can advise me if this is the correct way to report faults and get them fixed, or if there is another, more formal, route.

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It's good enough - this is the formal route.

Something seems to have changed, but so far nobody is owning up. I posted a query in the beta section.
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It would seem that the update to mvdisks version 0.3 has reorganised the directory structure and a bug has crept in somewhere. As far as I can tell, the previous version of mvdisks was 0.1 (was 0.2 a beta?). It is possible to revert to the previous version of mvdisks. If you remove the auto-update and current mvdisk packages you can reinstall mvdisks 0.1. You can download the old version here. Copy this to the HDR-FOX (it does not matter where, in the example below I have copied the package to the hd3 partition). Open a telnet session and send the following from the command line:
opkg install /mnt/hd3/mvdisks_0.1_mipsel.opk
After doing this you will have to instigate any package updates yourself from webif or a telnet session.
Happy to report that my scheduled daily 5 minute power-downs, set in the "Time" option of the HDR T2's System/Preferences menu, no longer wipe the media lists under "drive1" & "drive2", under the "[USB Storage]" folder.
A week ago today I returned from a long weekend to find that my HDR T2 had crashed on the Sunday (15/07/18).
I'd previously switched off my daily-power downs to avoid the media list wipe issues.
Given the T2 crash, after removing & reinstalling mvdisks, I switched the T2 power-down process on again to see if there had been any software changes made.
As mvdisks is still showing as version 0.3, I'm guessing that a tweak has been made in the supporting software. perhaps in the busybox package, so if that's the case, many thanks to the party concerned as I now appear to have a stable system back!
However, work still needs to be done, as the media lists are still wiped when the mains power to the T2 is turned off...


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It's been a few days since I reported my issues about the inability to view external hard drives correctly from within the webif. I wonder if this problem is related to the virtual-disk2 problems another member is encountering

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Any help would be appreciated
my virtualdisk2 still does not give me access to my nas via pressing on the remote media/blue button

and yet in webif i get /media NAS is listed correctly