Extract program metadata from downloaded HMT file


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I have recently got a HDR-FOX T2 and put the customised firmware on it. I have managed to decrypt some video files, download them via ftp and convert them to mp4s. This was to a Linux box. What I would like to know is if there is some way of extracting the program metadata from the HMT file or other file? The purpose of this would be:
1) To rename the file so it is a combination of the film title and year
2) To add some information as tags to the mp4

In particular if there was a PHP function that did this, or something like that, that would be great. There was something similar to this on the Toppy and it was handy.


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Try using af123's hmt utility from telnet. You would need to do this on the T2 itself as AFAIK there isn't an x86 version, although af123 may be prepared to compile one from sources if you were to ask him nicely.

hmt -p <recording_name_without_extension> will give you a parsable list of hmt metadata.
hmt -d <recording_name_without_extension> gives more detailed debug information.
Recording names which include spaces should be placed inside quotes.


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That's perfect, the only problem is that I would like something that runs on my Linux server not the hummy. Is it possible to install it on a Linux box?


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That's perfect, the only problem is that I would like something that runs on my Linux server not the hummy. Is it possible to install it on a Linux box?
No, like I said, you would need to have it recompiled from sources using Linux on an x86 box, not mipsel cpu as on the T2.


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thanks much indeed!

However, there's a problem on my setup: my files are stored on a Solaris* server, and exported read-only via NFS.

When run on Linux, hmt (with no args) fails:
$ hmt Rostropovich_\ The\ Genius\ of\ the____20120608_1930.hmt
Rostropovich_ The Genius of the____20120608_1930.hmt: Permission denied

I believe this is because you're opening the file for read/write, even when no args are given to hmt on the cmdline:
open("Rostropovich_ The Genius of the____20120608_1930.hmt", O_RDWR) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)
In the latter case, would you please consider changing it so that it opens the file only for reading, so that it will work when the file is not available for writing, either because of a ro filesystem (in my case), or simply file perms?

thanks much indeed.

* - a Solaris x64 version of the util would be wonderful, too, please :) I would be happy to compile it, if you trusted me with the source... thanks again.


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that's just great, thank you very much indeed. both utils working perfectly :)
I don't think it's documented in the help page but the -p flag produces parseable (tab separated) output of the main programme data

humax-dev# (4) ./hmt -p ../The_Parrotfish.hmt
The Parrotfish    The Parrotfish: Animated deep sea adventure series. The Octonauts teach us a few fun facts about the parrotfish in this edition of the Creature Reports. [S]    SD    71    CBeebies    1299409973    1299410106    ODEncrypted,        0    1299409800    300    80

Fields are: Title, Synopsis, HD/SD, LCN, Channel Name, Start time, End time, Flags, Guidance, Number of bookmarks, Scheduled start, Scheduled duration, Genre code.


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Just thought I would update the thread to share what I did with hmt-linux:

It's just a very simple script to rename recordings by season/episode (metadata parsers like the ones in WDTV Live, XBMC handle them this way):
Ambassadors.S01E01.The Rabbit Never Escapes.ts

FYI, I am moving from HDR so don't have the inclination to package this to run on the HDR itself.