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I'm trying to copy some BBC R4 content from my Humax Fox-T2 to USB stick so I can play them in the car. I'm hitting a brick wall when I try to use the 'Extract to MPG' function in the web interface of the CFW. I noticed that a recent file is marked with a flag 'ODEncrypted' and thought it might be something that BBC have started recently, but I have a R1 Glastonbury recording that displays the same flag and that's from summer 2015 (or even 2014!).

I have checked that I have the ffmpeg package and I do. Any ideas? Might well be something really simple/stupid of course!

I have attached three images that show what I think would be all the relevant info.


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All recordings are encrypted on disk (ODEncrypted) by default. You need to decrypt the recording first to be able to extract the audio. The fact that the decrypt option is greyed-out suggests that the DLNA server (i.e. content share) is switched off. Once you have enabled content share, you should have the option to decrypt. Once decrypted, you can extract the audio.
You can make the decryption part automatic by flagging the folder in question for autodecrypt (webif menu option). If you flag the 'My Video' folder for recursive autodecrypt it will automatically decrypt all radio and standard definition television recordings. Install the auto-unprotect package and all high def. TV programmes will be decrypted too. You may need to show 'development and advanced packages' to get this option. Bear in mind though that if you already have many OD-encrypted recordings on your unit, decryption may take many hours and menu navigation on the unit will be sluggish while this is ongoing. If you want to decrypt all your content, I suggest that you make sure that auto power down is temporarily disabled. Then flag the 'My Video' folder for recursive autodecrypt just before bedtime, leaving the unit switched on overnight.
Note that for radio recordings 'extract audio' is the option you want (extract to mpg is for video). If you extract audio, you will get a file with an mp3 extension. Depending on how you have set up audio extraction in webif (mp2 or mp3), the file will either be in true mp3 format or in mp2 (or aac) format. Extracting to mp2 is quick but conversion to true mp3 is slow. You will need to extract to true mp3 for playback in your car if it can't cope with mp2/ aac audio formats.
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