Factory reset on HDR1100S - hidden menu ?


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Hi, I have just put a double lnb on the dish but set the box up with only one but no way to recognise second feed.
I have seen posts here about hidden menus using coloured buttons but not for this problem. There is an online video on youtube showing a 1000s box with system settings showing factory default option but mine does not have that, only sleep timer and power saving.

Not wanting to mess up will the coloured button press reveal more options ? Do I go into system setting then press the colours or do I press the colours when pointing to system settings on the menu.

Never used these before, basically all I want to do is a factory reset but need to be able to access it on this model.
Any help apprecieted, John


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Your box was most likely recording (or about to record within 15 mins), for obvious reasons the box will not let you ditch your scheduled recording . Firstly make a note of your recording schedule (or photograph with a digital camera) and do a factory reset (with no recordings imminent).

There are hidden setup options, but in this case they are not required (They are to allow access to other satellites if you have a dish that has the capability to access other orbital locations (Non Freesat Mode)


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That makes sense, there was a recording running when we tried this. Just as easy to not show the options as have more screens asking to cancel recordings or continue etc.
Thanks John