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Following a couple of crashes I decided to do a factory reset.
After the reset I get the following on screen message "In order to enable the recording feature you need to format the HDD".
Not a big problem, I can FTP my recordings to my PC and transfer them back after the format, but I was just wondering if there's anything in the CF that lets me avoid having to do this.


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If you can get to the command line there are various commands you can run to elucidate the status of the drive.

The problem as I see it is that the drive appears to be detected but without a suitable file system. We need to find out why. I take it you can see the recordings by FTP? If so, the mystery deepens.


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I can access and play all my recordings as normal and they also show up in Filezilla.
The custom firmware interface is also working as normal, just not able to record or use the time shift feature.


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The disk has to be selected to enable recording.
In the Humax UI menu select the disk under:
Settings > System > Data Storage > Storage
Then choose the following option in the Data Storage menu
Select the HDD for PVR

Edit: Added info about selecting the disk first since this may have caused the subsequent stage to be greyed out
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