Failed recordings


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We have a 1010s that's been working fine for 6 years or more. The last couple of days it's failed three recordings, so far.
Shakespeare & Hathaway on BBC 1 HD (new series) failed Monday and Tuesday (today) and Starstruck on BBC 3 HD (second episode in series) failed Monday. The failures are in the recordings list saying "Failed" with start and end times both 14:15 (for S&H). Recordings on Sunday worked.
Live TV seems fine, so I don't think it's a dish or weather problem.

Looking at the epg at about 15:30 (today) and stepping back in time it showed S&H as scheduled for 14:15 but with 14 minutes left, suggesting it was 45 minutes late starting (flippin' Olympics I assume). But is that late enough to make the recording fail?
Anyone else had problems?


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See the freesat website.
Thanks. I've bookmarked that site now.
I suppose it's a bit of credit to Humax and Freesat that (I think) this is the first time in 6 years I've had to ask about a problem.
Is usually just the broadcasters playing silly with series crids.

Touch wood :)

Thankfully the losses so far are all BBC, so should be available on iPlayer.