Failed recordings.


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I have posted this in case it helps others, it may already be common knowledge, but in case it's not here is what I found.
My problem was failed recordings on one channel only and only a certain program. I had set several recordings and they were all failing, a couple did appear in the media guide but they were of zero length. After a lot of head scratching I decided to delete all the recordings that were set in the schedule and start again. It was here that I found the problem, one of the set recordings would not delete, I tried several times without success, one clue was that it was showing zero length. I decided to try a factory reset in the hope that it would solve the problem, yes it did. So if you are having a particular recording keep failing have a look in the schedule for a zero length recording. Hope this helps someone.

Ezra Pound

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Just a quick add-on, the presence of these zero length/corrupted recordings can also be the cause of the Humax not going into stand-by properly, (Not sure why), the Humax goes into half-awake mode instead of stand-by and the hard disk remains spinning, removing these files fixes the problem. This type of recording quite often has the move/copy options greyed out