failed to decrypt


just an advisory
I had a box lock up (not respond to front panel or remote) yesterday
and because it looked like it was recording I plugged the laptop in instead
of just cold booting it.

There was a message that a recording had failed to decrypt.
I cleared the message (in webif) and the box began working as normal again.
The program it said didn't decrypt wasnt on the box and the recording
lights went out on the front panel.


further to this I now have another file that presents as decrypted that has the timestamp appended
to the filename - something I've not seen before - the file itself plays but it looks like a new hmt
was created (blank program info). The timestamp presumably comes from the hmt recreation also?

I also had another zero length recording and 1 fail to record that should have done so.
As a reminder I've just started using webif decrypt (a few days ago).