Failing to extract audio & decryption


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I used to record radio, decrypt then convert to MP3 using Freemake.
Also decrypt video then using Freemake convert to .AVI

However, I've installed the latest firmware and also moved from Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit.

Now I get a file opening error when adding radio .TS and although I can open video .TS when I try to convert it, Freemake crashes. However, I can play the video through Freemake. :confused:

I have also tried extracting audio from the opt+ on WebIF but when I come to load the MP3 onto iTunes, that reckons it's an invalid file and won't play it.

Any ideas where the problem might lie.
ta very much


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thanks Black Hole.
I must admit I skimmed that thread and command line stuff scares the willies out of me as does the time taken to extract. And I dismissed it as I hadn't connected the two though because it was working (in seconds) and now isn't, and the thread describes another method of audio extraction.

I shall reread the thread properly.

I still have the issue of Freemake crashing when trying to convert a .TS to another format. For my old 9200, I used to use ProjectX but that's quite clunky.

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As Freemake is running on your PC, we have no control over its processes. If the source content of the .ts stream has changed, or if something has been rendered incompatible during your shift to 64-bit Windows, that's not a CF issue.

The point about iTunes and the WebIF extraction to "MP3" is that the non-transcoded (hence quick) extraction actually results in an MP2 stream that not all players are happy with. Switching the conversion method (in the WebIF Settings page) to true MP3 results in conversions taking approximately four times real time (and as it runs as a low-priority process it should not affect anything else the box might be doing - but don't turn it off!). Basically you can set up a folder with auto-audio turned on, move anything you want converted into that folder, then go away and leave the job to process (however long it takes). No command line stuff needed any more.