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Failures and Unreliability.


New Member
DTR-T1000, 1010 etc etc.
BOX failures and unreliability are probably down to electronics greatest enemy, HEAT!!
All these boxes run very hot due to poor air circulation and/or not having a CPU heatsink fan fitted.
I cant comment on the newer boxes as I have`nt had one yet.
I bought a DTR-T 1000, BT badged one off eBay recently and was amazed at how hot it ran.
I have a few ex computer fans lying around so I took the lid off the box, touched the now cooling CPU heatsink, and almost burnt my fingertip!!
These CPU`s run too hot for long term reliability.
I fitted a 40mm fan directly over the CPU`s pathetically small heatsink, (the fan fits perfectly) connected the power lead to the yellow 12v sata lead and either of the black leads.
It works well. (It keeps the inside of the box cooler too.)
Ok it blows hot air about in the box but at least the air is moving and moving air is preferable to static hot air.
The rear mounted standard fan only keeps the HDD cool and seems to work part time when the hard drive gets hot.
The CPU`s heatsink is way too small in my opinion, and should have had a factory fitted fan in the first place, but this would have made the boxes last too long.
Humax cost cutting at its best!!
Any one can do this if they have a bit of patience, but, ALWAYS DISCONNECT IT FROM THE MAINS before attempting ANY internal fixes as an electric shock could result if you are`nt too careful.
I`ve also got a couple of Huawei boxes which also run hot, but with these have ventilation holes in the top so you can put a fan blowing down onto their puny heatsinks to assist with their cooling too.
ANY old computer fan will do, just make sure it is able to spin freely.
That should help stop,or at least reduce, any issues regarding freezing, not booting, recording failures etc. As it did on my Huawei boxes!
I hope this helps someone who`s pulling their hair out over these problems!!