farewell hummy


Moved house so decided to get the Virgin Media tivo after having various humax devices for about 6 or 7 years. I'll miss the handyness of the HDR FOX T2 but mine was struggling with hdmi issues recently with my TV and theres no budget / desire for a new TV.

I bought the T2 so i could have a simple 1 box solution under the TV and it did it really well, apart from patchy mkv playback. I really enjoyed the Custom firmware and want to thank the guys here who helped and contributed over the years.

As the tivo is locked down I've decided to get a Synology NAS and a WDTV for video playback, seemed a good time to invest in a new solution with some funky side benefits.

I'll stick the old girl on ebay or on here if anyone wants it but i guess i'll be off haunting synology or virgin media forums from here so again, cheers all!
Sorry to hear that, but I'm sure somebody will take it off your hands (maybe someone who missed out on the Maplin coup).
I've already procured my spare, although I had a horrible feeling it was going to go wrong again (problems getting it from A to B).
I also recently acquired a Tivo and, unexpectedly, find myself using it more than my T2. Lacking the flexibility of the hummy, it could never completely fill my AV requirement, but it does what it does very well. Having recently played with a Raspberry Pi, I'd be seriously inclined to go that route to fill in the holes that the Tivo doesn't cover. I didn't expect to be so impressed with the Pi's performance but it was a revelation.
I liked the pi also but went for total convience with a WDTV Live. If anyone wants the HDR they can have it for £50 + £10 postage. I have a HD that i'll hold onto incase I get nostalgic!
I have had a WD TV Live for a few years, in fact, it was a pre-release review box. I rarely use it now. My TV can do anything it can do, with more ease.