Faulty HDR-Fox T2


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I got a second-hand HDR-Fox T2 a few months ago on eBay and it recently died on me. Every few weeks it would lose all timers (recordings always fine) but otherwise seemed OK then one morning, after being left on standby the night before, it wouldn't power on. No components were powering up and it was completely silent.

I took it to a local guy who fixes TVs and other home electronics hoping it would be a simple problem with the power supply. Now, he seems unsure about what it could be, he's emailed Humax and come to the conclusion it needs a new mainboard, but says he can't get hold of one. He says he's still waiting on Humax and to wait a few more days, though I'm not confident he can sort it out and getting frustrated at being without it for nearly two weeks now.

Any advice on what my next move should be? I'm thinking I might need to send it off to Humax with their out-of-warranty repair fee being £105. Is this a flat fee and they'll definitely fix it?

Thanks for any help!
Yes, it's the risk I took. I'm more interested in what to do now. Any thoughts?
A dead box is a dead box. There are certain components which are known to be unreliable (capacitors for example), but you can throw loads of time into investigating it and still not come up with a fix - replacing a major component would be impossible, even if you could work out which it was, due to difficulty and availability.

I agree, £105 would probably get you a swap-out and no warranty. If you can find a £150 new one, at least you could rescue the hard drive out of the old one (the recordings on it would be no use - they are encrypted).