faulty remote control?


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Just got the fvp-4000t and the rm-l08 but the short travel buttons around the ok button seem to be Intermittent. about 20% of the time the led around the power button doesn't light up so I guess no ir is sent. the other soft buttons seem fine. is this a common issue? I quite like the remote apart from this issue so hopefully resolvable.

thanks for thoughts

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I've no doubt OoOOoO has sorted his problem one way or another, however for anyone else who has stumbled here with the RM-L03 remote which I seem to have...

The RM-L03 is similar RM-F04 with a slight exception. The top of the remote, as you can probably guess, comes in 2 sections, the black section and the silver section. The silver section goes underneath the black section so you'll need to remove the black section before the silver section. I've attached a photo below (not sure why it's rotated 180 degrees, no matter), hopefully this gives an idea of where the lugs are. I started off by the side of the search button which seemed to flex most.

20180831_153919.jpgMine was playing up exactly the same - the OK button was erratic. Having opened it up and cleaned it, it now appears to be working correctly. I did break the first lug, however given there are a number along the side it's not a big deal. I've also slightly damaged the finish on the side of the remote, that seems hard to avoid so I'd not recommend doing this unless you actually have a problem with the remote, mind, know you know where the lugs are you may get away with less damage.