Feature request - Radio flag in HMT output and API flags


Ad detector
Running the HMT command there appears to be nothing, apart from channel name/number, that indicates a broadcast is from a radio channel.

It would be nice for detectads, sweeper and other packages if one could just check for
if {![$ts flag "Radio"]} ...

There appear to be several Radio flags in the actual .hmt files so it should be easy to implement
0x0498    1 byte    0x11            Video Type MPEG2=0x01, H264=0x02, Radio-0x00.
0x04B8    1 byte    0x01            Recording type. 0x01=TV, 0x02=Radio.
0x04BC    1 byte    0x00            Video type flag for Media list. 0x01 = SD. 0x02 = HD, 0x00 = Radio.