Fenlander-free Zone

'Brain the size of a Planet and they've got me parking cars..'​

A miss-quote if ever I read one.​

'Loose lips sinks ships...'​

Naughty Black Hole!

Black Hole free zone.......? ;)

Who said that? Now, own up. If nobody owns up all planet leave is cancelled.

I can see this relationship is something we're all going to have to work at.
That really takes the bacon...

Bacon butty, mmmmmm, my favourite....

Looks like I'm going to have to hunt one down, my taste buds just went ballistic. Cheers oijonesey for the suggestion...

I'll have to put that diet on hold.

Unless you know of a low calorie pig? (I fed you the line.......)
I can't believe our verbal meanderings have been viewed 112 times - it would've been 113 if fenlander was allowed!!!! That'll teach us!
Some people have nothing better to do.

I am waiting for iOS5 to be released for my iPhone, practically glued to my PC. It probably won't 'land' until 18:00 tonight anyway.

Sad or what?

Boy's and their toys.
iOS5 - yep me too. When it didn't update this morning I googled around and there were some suggestions it would be midnight! Someone ought to tell the yanks that means it'll be the 13th!! It's called GMT cos it's from Greenwich - as in Greenwich, London off of the UK - as the rest of the world knows we invented time itself so we don't need them load of rednecks over the pond re-inventing what date it is in the middle of the night grrrr :mad: (I engineered that whole rant so I could use the :mad: icon for the first time :)) Wibble!!

I went through a load of hastle to get the iOS4 goodies on my iTouch, ended up having to reinstall everything (not quite - Apple had outlawed my WiFi sniffer in the mean time - bastards)... only to find the nice things (multitasking, screen rotation lock etc) only work on 3rd Gen (and mine's second gen).

So what's the news with 5?
Well, my battery life has been significantly better with 5 : )

What you mean it might actually last all day without having to tether it to the mains!!!!!!!

What I really need is for Outlook meeting reminders to keep beeping and buzzing until I look at them - not just utter a squeek once and then leave me to miss all my bloody meetings!!! OK now I'm off - I have to go think of my happy place for a while before I use another icon.........
You are a card...
10AM Pacific time which I think is 18:00 here in Blighty.

BAH! Damn and blast their fancy pants pacific time.

RULE BRITANNIA, BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES come on everyone you all know the words BRITAIN NEVER NEVER NEVER........what? Who are you? Where are you taking me? I didn't call an ambulance - what are you going to do with that syyyrrriinnngg.............