File size mismatch causes continuous loop in queue


Ye Olde Bowler
After recording Match of the Day last night it was queued for decryption. On looking this morning at the queue it was still being processed. It failed each time with 'File size mismatch' and, looking at the auto log, it appears to have tried at least 8 times. I have now put it on hold.
I tried the process in this thread: (post 25 - decrypt issues) but with no success.
I have yet to view the recording so can not ascertain any obvious reason for the mismatch but would it be possible to update the auto/queue facility to put any file that has failed say 3 times on hold ? As there was also no notification, would it be possible create one after the 3 failures ?
One last 'wish' - could there be an option in the queue to stop processing and put on hold ?