File System Check for External Hard Disk Drives


I have several External Hard Disk Drives connected for archiving purposes, which until recently have worked quite well.

However one drive has started misbehaving - taking forever to read from it. Is it possible to run something like the Fix-Disk utility to perform a file system check on any USB connected External Hard Drives?

Or is there a recommended method to check for file system errors?



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Depends what filesystem is on them. From maintenance mode command shell:
You can run "e2fsck /dev/sdXN", where X is a drive identifier which needs to be determined and N is a partition number, to check/fix any ext2/3 partitions. If it's NTFS or FAT32 or such like, then connect it to a Windows PC and check there.
You can also check the SMART stats. with "smartctl -a /dev/sdX".