FireFox and corrupt screen


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Hi All,humax firefox.jpg

I'm getting a corrupt screen in Firefox when I start the Web Interface, I have run it in Internet Explorer and everything seems ok.

The machine crashed when it was updating packages 'Humax crashed at Thu Oct 23 03:28:41 UTC 2014 - Uptime: 760', it is set to auto update packages, so this morning I went to 'Package Management' and got it to manually upgrade the packages it updated Webif to 1.0.17 - 7 and then when I went to use it I got this corrupt screen.

I will continue to use IE for now, but I was wandering if anybody has had the same problem and if they know of a fix.

Try clearing the browser cache. Quite a few people had similar issues, me included, regarding the 'corruption'. Clearing the cache worked for me.

Hi prpr,

I'll remeber that tip for next time, if it happens again, much easier than cleaning the cache, I couldn't find the menu in Firefox to clear cache so I ended up using CCleaner, a pain, but it worked
FF is a right PITA these days isn't it? They move it or rename it seemingly on every release.
Tools, Options, Advanced, Network on one machine (FF 31.2 on Windows)
Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Network on another (FF 30.0 on Linux)