Firmware Upgrade

Jon Hill

New Member
I'm currently running 1.02.20 and 2.10 of the custom software and thought it was about time to look at upgrading both to a newer version.

What I would like to know is what do people think on the forum would be the best version to upgrade to for both the Humax and Custom software?

I currently run a number of mods with the custom software when I upgrade will I have to re-install these mods and reconfigure them?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


I would go for the latest 1.02.32 + CFW 2.18, the procedure from 1.02. 20 + 2.10 CFW is :-

Run prepare_for_upgrade diagnostic
Download and install official 1.02.32
Download and install CFW 2.18/1.02.32

Upgrade path notes HERE
There is no harm in updating the custom firmware. Whether you wish to update the standard firmware from 1.02.20 depends on your attitude to certain "features" that have been introduced since. See Things Every... (click) section 1.