First-timer with Humax or even satellite


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Okay, so, I was given this Humax Foxsat-HDR 360gb 'thingee' by a friend over Christmas, and although I'm finding it superb for watching/recording/playback I am running out of space. I'm am a bit of a film fan and selectively keep those I like. So, far I've managed to copy them to a small USB drive (one or two at a time) and thence to my NAS drive (WD MyBook Live 3tb connected via Ethernet). I believe and can see from some of the posts here that it may be possible to save them direct to the NAS. I certainly haven't found anything to that effect in the user's manual. I am also wondering if I can play films back directly from the NAS.
Is there any chance someone here could give me step-by-step set of instructions. Ideally for me, without being too techy about it. I am computer literate, but not Humax literate yet. I also see mention of possible additional items needed to achieve this, so, could whomsoever answers include details of what might be needed on top of the basic machinery.
I will very much appreciate a 'beginners' style guide.
Thanks, Soapy
I did read that somewhere else. That's what led here. However, it's a question of 'how big' as I have 3tb external NAS sitting there already over half full.
I did read that somewhere, it's what led me here. However I have a 3tb NAS over half full sitting there and feel 'should' be easier to add to the NAS rather than limited by a bigger drive in the Foxsat.
The custom firmware won't allow you to save directly to the NAS. The Foxsat HDR does not support this. However you will be able to play back files archived to the NAS directly from the NAS. The process would be something like:

  • Install custom firmware
  • Install full web interface
  • Install Samba/FTP package(s) to enable copying of files from the HDR
  • Record stuff to the internal hard disk
  • Use Samba shares/FTP to transfer recording files (together with two additional "sidecar" files) from the internal hard disk to the NAS
  • Install the NASMount package
  • Configure NASMount to mount the NAS share with your recordings on
  • Read the NASMount documentation (provided in the custom firmware) as to how to play back recordings direct from your NAS
With regards to installing a larger internal drive there are plenty of people who have installed 2TB drives. However, most also comment that the built-in "media browser" can be quite slow when there are a lot of recordings on the drive. So as the 2TB drive gets more full, the media browser will get slower.

Hope that helps.