fix-disk not working all kinds of problems


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I've had my Humax for a number of years now but in the last few days the problems have got worse.

OK every 6 months or so it seems to need a hard drive reformat but recently it's been getting worse. I got the "wont delete any recordings" and attempts at try to save programmes failed so I thought I'd just install the latest custom firmware (1.03.02) and then format the hard drive. Which I did yesterday.

Everything back to working last night but only this morning it stopped working again! I can't record anything and it stuggled to delete anything. So I've formated the hard drive again but I want to try and fix any bad sectors it might have as something isn't quite right.

I've booted into maintenance mode and via telnet tried to run a fix disk but it's not working. Like I say I've just formated the hard drive from the set top box and these are the error messages I'm getting

| T E L N E T M E N U |

[ Humax HD-Fox T2 (humax) 1.03.02/3.10 ]

Note: Some areas of the hard disk are not mounted.
Not all functions will be available.
(normal if you have just run a disk check)

maint - Restart into maintenance mode.
safe - Enable safe mode on next boot.
reset - Reset custom firmware environment.
stat - Show current activity.
x - Exit and close connection.
reboot - Reboot the Humax.
diag - Run a diagnostic.
cli - System command line (advanced users).

Please select option:

If I boot into maintenance mode I get this

Menu version 1.20
Enter system PIN: ****

| M A I N T E N A N C E M O D E M E N U |

[ Humax HD-Fox T2 (humax) 1.03.02/3.10 ]

No suitable drive for EXT2 conversion detected. -
epg - Clear persistent EPG data.
x - Leave maintenance mode (Humax will restart).
diag - Run a diagnostic.
cli - System command line (advanced users).

Please select option:

so i cant run a fixdisk command :(

So i type "cli" and then "fix-dsik" get this

Humax HD-Fox T2 (humax) 1.03.02/3.10

To return to the menu, type: exit

humax# fix-disk
/bin/sh: fix-disk: not found

any help most welcomed.
Fixdisk is only designed to work with internal, SATA connected hard drives on the HDR-FOX. It does not work with USB-drives connected to the HD-FOX. It could be that the drive is failing. Depending on the age and model of hard drive it might have SMART statistics recorded which could help with diagnosis. I would go to the manufacturer's website and see what downloads are available for your model. Often they supply utilities (Windows or Mac) that can be installed on a PC which can be used to test drives and diagnose faults.