Fixed: lost recordings


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hi All,
infrequent poster here, in fact it's been a while since I've even looked at the forum. But as an everyday Humax user I thank the people who put the CF together.

Anyway, I was watching something last night and the picture began to break up then stopped playing. Looked back in the folder but the recording had disappeared. When up a folder in the tree and it still showed '31 files' but the the folder was empty. It either crashed or I restarted it at this time and when it restarted it came up with a big banner saying 'The HDD must be formatted to use the recording functions" or similar. At which point I swore as I have quite a collection of films from the last 4.5!!!! years ( i looked and didn't realise that I'd had the box for so long) .
Oddly enough WebIF was still showing the recording so I assumed that it was an index file that had gone AWOL or similar - so I stopped panicing quite so much.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I read most of this , installed PuTTY, telneted for the first time, ran fixdisk and all seems to be good again.

Just thought you'd like to hear about a success story.