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forced retune

Did anyone else get a forced reset/retune this morning?

I've just had one, despite having both disable-dso and disable-ota pkgs installed for years, in addition to tunefix and tunefix-update.

No scheduled recordings, after that, of course, so I went to restore the most recent auto backup: this mornings 5am. Only claimed to restore one item, and after the mandatory restart, nothing in the schedule.

Restored yesterday's, and it did a mass of fix-ups for moved services, and it looks OK now.

No disturbance to CF or existing recordings, that I can see.

A friend had mentioned there was a big retune required here (Cambs & Beds) this week, so I wondered: is it just a coincidence, or has some event snuck past disable-dso?
Are you sure it was a retune and not a random factory reset event?
Yes, you're probably right. It's just that I rarely get these: last one must have been more than a year ago, perhaps two, and given my friend's (alarmist) report of a big retune, I put two and two together and got 42, and wondered if something had triggered it.

OK, thanks all, likely a random event as you say.


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Possibly coincidentally, Sandy Heath went off for me at 0010, whilst I was watching it, and is still off now.

Retune finds no channels.

I see someone else reporting the same in a transmitter page...