Formula One


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F1 qualifying on BBC 2 tonight 22:00

Series link not working for me so suspect BBC using a different CRID?

Gentlemen start your recorders.


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Existing series link worked fine on my Digitalstream.

BBC dumping FP2 on R5SX for some patball at short notice was *not* fine especially as they do not make the online stream available on catch up. :(


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Thought I'd discovered why mine was not recording.

I'd set RS to record anything with "Formula1" in the name (no space)

Programme starts with "Formula 1" with a space

But just checked back and so do all the rest so at a loss as to how they recorded and this one is not set?

It automatically set the highlights of the race itself on Sunday to record! Very confused!
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The existing BBC2/1 schedules for the last race has setup both practice and the race on my Foxsat no problem. I think that if you set up two schedules, one for BBC1 and another for BBC2 like I had to the other week, then they both hold good for a while. But that is having to set up two rather than just one to get everything, which is a bit of a pain.