Fox T2 and Huawei TalkTalk YouView box


OK, so I gave in to the umpteenth call from TalkTalk and got a YouView box.

Has anyone else run the HDR Fox T2 and Huawei side by side, and got any suggestions - especially on wiring (eg can I connect them both to the same Powerline adapter)?


Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Not both at the same time, unless you have a multi-port HomePlug or use a small cheap Ethernet switch (eg TP-Link) which will need an extra power point for its wall-wart.

Don't fall for the Ethernet cable splitter, all that does is use the redundant cores in an 8-way cable (only 4 are used normally) to make two connections over one cable and still needs de-muxing and two ports at the other end.


Thanks for your help on this. I now have both working through a 3 port powerline adaptor (NL-HP2003PORT if anyone needs to follow suit).

I remain utterly unconvinced of the usefulness of YouView however. Glad I didn't spend any money on it. Anyone who has used the Humax will find it very limited.