Foxsat HDR 500 stuck in epg


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I have two of these machines and one was kept as a spare in case the first failed, well the first failed and when I came to use the second it had very similar problem
The problem is intermittent, the machine may take a while to boot, and may shutdown and reboot,then work ok....but again intermittently gets stuck in the programme guide and become totally unrepnsive to the remote
Both machines have the latest firmware ( goes back to 2012)

One machine the hard drive is virtually empty and the other is 80percent or more

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


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Sounds like disk problems to me, but I'm not that familiar with them.
Best bet is the custom firmware and the Smartctl package (although the latter is not in the normal package repository) to see what it reveals about the state of the disk.


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Disconnect the hard drive on both boxes. If they both boot OK and you can use the epg (obviously not to record), chances are it's a hard disk issue. While booted use manual tune to check signal strength on 11428 H. If no signal don't attempt a factory reset without fixing this first. The Custom Firmware incorporates maintenance mode which allows the disk file system to be checked and repaired.


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Is installing the Custom Firmware straightforward?
Where will I find it?
I had already tried the booting up without the hdr on both machine and it did work, however it works most times with the drive connected
What tends to happen is using the set , then decision is made to find something else to watch and as going though the epg it ( they ) freeze ,and then need switching off on the back and it may or may not reboot okay...can be okay all night but not always

Signal strength and quality are 90% on both “cables “

Already done factory reset and retune

The idea of excluding the hdr by using a repair function in the custom firmware appeals as a reasonable start
Just how to do it?

Many thanks