Foxsat-HDR external storage.


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I have an oldish Foxsat-HDR in which I have changed the HDD to 1Tb and it works superbly but I'd like to attach more external storage (a bit of a nerd, so I collect a lot of films). So far I have attached two separate drives via a small usb hub to the usb port at the rear and that works but the individual enclosures and power supplies are of poor quality and disturb the audio. Therefore I'd like to try a better quality multi-bay enclosure instead. Does anyone know if that would work?

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I don't see why it shouldn't, as long as the drives are seen as individual entities on the USB (or I suppose you could have a RAID array which combines several drives into one virtual drive). However, note that 2TB is likely to be a limit (per drive, even if virtual, unless you go in for formatting trickery). Note also that I am not familiar with any quirks the Foxsat may have.

See also Things Every... (click) section 12 (applies to HDR-FOX, but should be similar for Foxsat).

You could eliminate audio interference by using a digital output from the Foxsat - either HDMI or TOSLink (does the Foxsat have TOSLink?).