Foxsat replacement remote (original RM-F01)


I recently bought a new original replacement remote for my Foxsat. HDR.

Unlike the original original remote programming the TV does not seem to work

IE. In the original appendix 14.7 of the users manual after pressing the tv button for 3 seconds the button stays alight, you then enter 4 digit code which blinks singly after each digit entered, twice on the last one. when the correct code is entered the tv powers off.

With the new replacement remote the tv button blinks twice on the third digit entered and when the correct code is entered nothing happens.

I enter the correct code for the tv but no joy.

I sent the replacement back, got another but that does the same.

Does anyone know if the sequence for programming the TV on these remotes has changed or are these remotes faulty?
Thanks BH Got the 3 digit code from my Fox T2 manual.

Back in business

Note: First code that powered off did not actually work anything else on TV but the next code worked fine