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I have tried finding the foxy raydon on 4shared as mentioned in another thread searched all over that web site with no luck does it still exist and is it still on 4shared ?

thanks in advance
Just checking.
I can't find it anywhere else, and that's where the wiki says it is.
I suggest you wait for Raydon to come along and give a definitive answer.
The link on the wiki is to, which resolves to, and although I have not completed the download it gives every appearance of being the correct zip file (about 300kB) when you complete the captcha.

4shared was compromised, no doubt was relocated because of that.
As I said before not prepared to take that chance ? I am at a bit of a loss as to why there is no download of foxy on this site ?
I don't understand why you think it is taking a chance. The hosting and the link have been vetted by the author.

The download is not hosted here because the author wishes to track the downloads, something which is not available by hosting it here. Either you want it or you don't; if you are that worried you can sandbox the download. file hosting is fine. I'm not in the habit of posting links to dubious web sites (which is one of the reasons I no longer use 4shared). I think maybe your internet security (whatever package it is you use) is a bit paranoid. Possibly triggered by the redirect from their old site, file, to its replacement, I've now updated the link in the wiki to avoid the redirect. If it makes you any happier here's the file signature of the zip.
Size: 320,649
CRC-32: 20803E89
MD-5: 39c3518e2e2704d0634b954450af78f5
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