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My first post and in characteristic style it's a moan.

Why does every channel seem to be at a different volume level?There is even 6db difference between BBC and BBC-HD!

All I seem to be doing is constantly turning the volume up and down. Is this just me? Or maybe just my box (HD Fox-T2).

It's ok if it's just the TV, but when your box powers your home theater it can give you a scare. Especially if you don't know it's about to happen. It's starting to drive me nuts!


If the level difference is being introduced by the Humax, it is probably due to the different way audio is handled with Standard def. and High def., do you only see this difference when comparing SD and Hi-Def?
I can understand the HD difference (The HD is the quieter), but it's most of the channels. I have two HD Fox-T2 and they are both the same.
For this reason, I have started to use mild volume level adjustment on my AV amp. It isn't ideal, but it does eliminate most of the problem.

Yes, it happens between SD and HD, but also between programmes and adverts and also between different channels. You can hear the amp ramping the volume up or down as you change channels.

It is also the same on three different Humax boxes and two tuners inside my TV, one Freeview and the other Freesat.

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I can understand the HD difference (The HD is the quieter), but it's most of the channels. I have two HD Fox-T2 and they are both the same.
If you are saying that there are differences between say two different SD channels or two different Hi-def. channels, then we need to find out if this is being caused by the Humax, if it isn't then there is nothing the Humax can do about it, apart from introducing audio normalisation, which won't be happening to a product at the end if it's life I'm afraid. Have have you measured the audio level differences with the Humax out of the chain
You don't mention what TV you are using but perhaps this will help ...
There is a discussion relating to this here
Basically, the way around it is to set the hummy volume to about 16 and sound to multi-channel, and then use just the TV volume to adjust level.
On some TVs (definitely Sony) the hummy volume does not affect the HD level.

I have found that using this approach tends to level the hummy output volume so that it is:
- the same between HD and SD.
- the same as other TV inputs (DVD, Bluray, ...).

You can also disable the hummy volume controls and set the start volume for when it turns on (see aforementioned thread for details).

EDIT: in your case I should say, use the sound system to control volume (once you have set the hummy volume and left it alone).
It's very unlikely the Humax (or any other tuner) introduces volume fiddling which would affect different services (and even different programmes within the same service) differently (apart from the known issues re resolution between StDef and HiDef). It will just be taking the sound channels "as is" and sending them out on the HDMI via a constant gain control (set by the Humax volume setting) in the case of PCM Stereo, or "as is" plus a volume control code in the case of AAC multi-channel (that the sound reproducing equipment - eg TV - either implements or ignores, which is why some people find that the Humax volume control doesn't work when the sound preferences are set to multi-channel).

Some TVs have settings for volume levelling or dynamic range control, but the HD/HDR-FOX does none of that.

PS What's with the monospaced font? :rolleyes:
Ah, now I forgot to say I'm using optical digit out. And now looking at it, I think the surround processor is changing modes with certain channels which could possibly explain it.

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As I said above, it's a broadcasting problem, and is prevalent on all platforms.

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