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Good points. But when connected to a home network that also has 1GB capability, then the speed at which recordings can be transferred over that network is enhanced. FWIW my Internet connection is 152M at home.

100M (Fast Ethernet) isn't an issue for me even though my home network is 1GB. Transfers take a bit longer. Even then unless they have CF, I can't see much transferring going on anyway.
I also like the sound of the broadband updates and smart retuning as mentioned HERE
Did you see the blog from Digital UK's Broadcast Director that was published a few days later?
It has a list of a few features expected in freeview play recorders bought from Spring 2016.

I'm looking forward to seeing if Humax can improve on the auto-tuning of the HDR-2000T and Humax Youview neither of which can get it right after asking me which of the transmitters I want to tune to in my multi-transmitter location.
Freeview Play to launch in October (for those who didn't know, but the link is a few weeks old now):

I tried to talk my folks into getting a FVP (Is that the acronym we'll use?) Panny TV in the summer when they we're upgrading, but they decided for a much cheaper Samsung instead, and continue with their HDR-T2.

I'm eagerly waiting FVP, but then I was very interested in YouView too, and look how that turned out...
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I don't have access to one but I heard that some Panasonic TV owners have already had an update including Freeview Play...
I came across some details of the new Panasonic range of Freeview Play recorders, HERE It's good to see they have both Amazon Instant Video and Netflix built in...!
I was reading last night that the first Freeview Play TV advertisement is going out on ITV tonight. Apparently it's Freeview's biggest advertisement campaign yet.
The new advert was trailed by a mash-up with the old Freeview cat and budgie advert a few days ago: YouTube link here. The main advert can be seen here, though this link is just from a bloke who recorded it with his phone. The animation must have been expensive and features hordes of sinister pay TV robots, with a single non-conformist robot as the hero. The message seems to be not to subscribe to pay TV services but use Freeview play instead. The slogan (of the bad robots) is 'you must subscribe, you must upgrade, you must conform'. This is from the Freeview Play website: said:
Freeview Play is not built into existing TV or recorders. Freeview Play uses a new standard which requires different hardware. However, you can add Freeview Play to your current TV by connecting it to a Freeview Play recorder.
I get the not subscribing to pay TV message, but how do you get Freeview Play without buying new hardware? Simple answer, you can't. This doesn't square with the part of the message that implies you shouldn't have to upgrade. I wonder if some people will assume that they will be able to get the new Freeview Play features without buying new kit?
EDIT. OK, some Panasonic TVs are getting Freeview Play updates, but these are specific models that were designed for this purpose. The vast majority of people who have bought 2015 TVs and PVRs won't get Freeview Play without buying new hardware.
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I came across some details of the new Panasonic range of Freeview Play recorders, HERE It's good to see they have both Amazon Instant Video and Netflix built in...!

But only two tuners, the Humax box has three. Humax box now available and a few already have one.

Also features DLNA streaming and USB archiving. More details appearing at MyHumax

Netflix is near certain to be available, not sure about Amazon Prime.
I went for Freeview. I already have the complement of catch up apps on two TVs and my experience is that if I scroll back to earlier today or yesterday, most of the content isn't yet available. I go to the apps and it is there!