Future of internet video ...

We've already got a perfectly good efficient, resilient, 'multicast' digital TV distribution network in this country. Why do we need to invent another worse one? It's just bloody stupid.
I have never liked the idea of using up all the bandwidth on TV.
One of the reasons I gave the BBC Trust my 2d worth (not 2p) about the idea of BBC3 becoming online only. (Not that closing BBC3 bothers me, but internet only paid from the licence fee?). Not everyone has fast unlimited and cheap broadband. If you want catch-up TV, organise your life better or remember to set your PVR. (Comment is tongue in cheek before anyone asks). If we are now to face a capacity problem with bandwidth restrictions and/or price hike that will make internet TV less appealing. Nothing ... [buffering] ... beats me tryin ... [buffering] ...g to watch a ... [you get the point] video which buffers a lot whilst watching the byte transferred counter rocketing up and I approach my download limit. A pity this outcome wasn't predicted and Ofcom didn't try harder to protect the broadcast spectrum.
I predicted it, or at least I predicted that the Internet would become monetised for the express purpose of delivering entertainment (advertising) and the "normal" relatively low bandwidth use for email, web, etc, would be squeezed out.

I also predicted that the advent of digital encoding in "free to air" broadcasting enables encryption, and it wouldn't be long before it became subscription only. That bit doesn't seem to be on the horizon... yet.