FVP 4000T will not turn on now most times i try.


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HI, I have had non stop problems with this box.
I had hoped by only using the FVP 4000T in the lounge I would be Ok, but not so.
I have tried it using HDMI and RCA cables to connect to my LG 42LB650V TV.
The box keeps freezing, this happens regardless of the operation in use, ie in stand by or recording.
the only way to get it to start up is to unplug it from the mains, sometimes I need to do this a few times before it will respond.
This is happening so often the FVP 4000T is not fit for use.
It is updated to softwareUKTFAE 1.00.73 updated on the 11th January 2016.


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The main problem I have with mine, is Stopping it from turning on! It will turn on when using a selection of different remote controls.


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Hi Brian, that is why I am only using the FVP 4000T in my lounge, I had no end of trouble with both boxes responding to the wrong remote controls.
But as I reported the FVP 4000T is now unusable and will be returned, once I get a reply from Humax.