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Black Hole

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Does nobody do anything right these days??

I went to my usual timber yard with a cutting list to come out of a quarter-sheet (2'x4') of 9mm ply. The first rip was to take the width of the panel down to 539mm - he set up the saw table and just started doing it when I heard "521mm". Start again!

The rest of the cutting seemed to go OK, except for one piece which was recovered out of the left-overs.

Tonight, I got the parts ready to assemble and... two pieces which should be 539x221 are actually 539x211. Oh crap.
A case of measure once, cut twice... instead of the other way round.
And no, almost nobody does anything properly these days. Speed is of the essence and sod the accuracy, even if it takes longer in the long run.
Are you constructing your own PVR? I've always found it's better to saw plywood myself, unless it's an unwieldy 8'x4'.

Who is General Rant?
Thanks Trev, I noticed antipodean missed the joke. I was going to ask BH if they were National Health