Green Screen with New Panasonic TV's


I appreciate the subject of a green screen is an old one and can be symptomatic of a hdmi handshaking issue. My T2 works fine with my 5 year old Panasonic plasma. I bought an ST60 and got a green screen that wouldn't go. I checked with Humax Support. They say they have a lot of compatability issues with Panasonic and unsuprisingly blame Panasonic. I called Panasonic - they have no idea. I have the correct software. I have tried turning the TV and Humax on in different orders to no avail. I have tried toggling the V format. Nothing. Strangely I tested the T2 with a display model in the shop and it worked. So I took a new one home - green screen. I went back to the shop and tested the T2 on a different model - the higher spec GT60 - green screen. I am keen to buy a new Panasonic plasma as I like the picture and don't want an LED model. Any ideas on how to solve this locked green screen with new Panasonic TV's?
You haven't said what Version of software your Humax is running, Humax has made changes in almost every one of the recent releases, so it is worth trying different (newer if possible) software version, you can chose from 1.02.28, 1.02.29 and 1.02.32 by downloading from Humax and also 1.03.06 and 1.03.11 which are two newer releases that Humax have installed on units but have not been supplied as downloads on their website, they are all available from HERE
I am going to perform a factory reset on the T2 as advised by Humax Support. When I come to install the new software again do I need to install all the releases or just the latest version?
It's a bit difficult to know what to suggest in that case, as I said Humax have released two newer versions than your 1.02.32, e.g. 1.03.06 and 1.03.11 however they have not told us what changes have been made in these releases so we don't know if any HDMI changes have been made and only the non Custom Firmware version of 1.03.06 is in the site shown above at present. The Custom Firmware versions shown on the page above will not help with an HDMI problem either
I am going to perform a factory reset on the T2 as advised by Humax Support. When I come to install the new software again do I need to install all the releases or just the latest version?
The factory reset won't affect your software version so you will still have 1.02.32 installed after it. but as a general rule, with Official firmware you can go straight to the version you want, you don't have to install them in a sequence. The factory reset won't erase you recordings, but it will remove your recording schedule items and favourites list if you have one, it will also force a re-tune of channels
Thanks. The only difference I notice in software version is that my loader is version 7.30 instead of 7.31 or 7.32 - will this make a difference?
No the loader version is matched to the hardware in your particular Humax and doesn't need to change, I have upgraded my Humax 9 times and the loader has remained at 7.30 throughout them all
In cases on HDMI intransigence, It can help if the HDMI is routed via an AV amplifier or active matrix switch. This puts another layer of handshaking into the connection.
Unfortunately I'm a 2 channel hifi man, not into surround sound, ......and the costs of buying an AV amplifier outweigh buying a new PVR which would handshake with the Panasonic plasma
First let me say that I did not buy one to solve a green screen issue, I am only suggesting that it might. My requirement is to route HDMI.

Set up is no problem at all, you just connect your source(s) of HDMI to the inputs and the display device(s) to the outputs, and select which input you want displayed on each output. The one I bought remembers the configuration when next powered up. Note that the first link is to a device open to bids which is similar but not the same as the one I have.

The point is that the unit incorporates HDMI receiver logic for each input and HDMI sender logic for each output, so HDMI handshakes occur for each source and each display independently and it is only the data that gets passed from the HDMI input through the switch logic to the output. This may overcome the difficulty your Humax has handshaking with your TV (at the cost of buying the matrix switch and then running it).

In my case I have two HDR-FOXes and a Blu-Ray player as sources, with an LG TV and a Qumi projector as displays, with a pair of self-powered remote control speakers running from the phono audio outputs that go with HDMI output 1 (which drives the projector).
The one I have doesn't need the remote (although it includes one), it is operable by front panel buttons and as that is where the on/off switch is anyway...

I have the IR receiver covered up because the remote for my second HDR-FOX makes the HDMI switch change inputs (and turns off the Qumi!).
It's just a box that routes multiple HDMI into one output or many dependent on what that one is (BH's active matrix switch is an HDMI router with electronis in it hence it's "active" whilst an AV amplifier will do the same but fish out the audio, the suggestion is that it cleans the data flow, handshaking etc). I use a number of little boxes to pull assorted receivers in to one - well two, HDMI 1 and 2 of the TV. The shop where you tried out your box or tried a box is probably routing the HDMI through a switching box.

I have surround sound but my amp doesn't have HDMI so I route audio and video separately. It does mean you can watch something different to what you are listening too :).

Edit. I see Luke and BH were quick off the mark on that. I'll attempt to find a link to mine...

There you go, but not saying that will fix your problem:
That one is phantom powered, ie draws its operating current from the destination's HDMI port. This implies it is not a full active HDMI router and probably only buffers the HDMI inputs to the output, relying on the TV (or whatever) to do the handshaking directly with the source that is selected at the time.

Logically that is possible with a "many in, one out" switch, but not for an "any out from any in" matrix.

Don't bother. This didn't work for me.
What did you use?