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I've got a little problem with my Hummy and hope somebody can help. I'm currently getting a green screen on my box. It's happened before, but a reboot normally sorted it. Not now though. If I reboot now, I get the normal Humax loading screen, thgen about 1 or 2 seconds of video, then back to green screen. Does anybody have any ideas, please? Thanks.

PS, I'm using custom firmware 2.12, I know it's a little old, but I've lost my flash drive!
I seem to have tried all these and found that the only way to rectify the problem is to switch everything off at the mains, box and TV and switch on again. I guess this re establishes the HDMI link.

I have even tried the box on another TV but the same thing happened. I just have to ensure it is all switched off at the end of a day and leave it all on once switched back on otherwise it all goes to pieces once more.


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Ok, did you use different hdmi cables?
And is your humax on the latest firmware? Humax have constantly tweaked the hdmi part of the firmware.
If you can eliminate those two, then maybe you just have a faulty box or at least a faulty hdmi port maybe.
I am not sure which is the latest firmware-I thought it updated automatically over the air, but maybe not, so where can I find it to download?

Do I load it onto a USB and then upload to the box?


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Yes. That is the 'current' version. There is a later version being shipped on new boxes but that is not available to us yet.

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Barry over at has said ver 1.03.06 will be available for download soon, he also said there are no plans to OTA this version at present, as you say, no idea why though
I updated last night and still the same problem, I know it is an HDMI issue but it is now getting somewhat frustrating.

I can change the cable over and it is ok but then the same happens again, I will just have to switch off at the mains each time to reset.

The thing is that it was ok for two and a half years then it all started to go pear shaped (coloured?)