Guide to decrypting HD recordings without Foxy


Foxy is a neat program but as it's a native Windows app it's not a lot of use to those of us who don't use Windows. However, it's easy enough to do without Foxy as long as you feel comfortable using a binary/hex editor.

I used 0xED on my Mac but there are hundreds of bin/hex editors out there for just about any platform you could mention.

All that needs to be done is to change the byte at offset 0x3DC to 0x04. The value of the byte will vary depending on which channel the programme was recorded from but it needs to be 0x04 to remove the ENC flag/icon.

It goes without saying that you should keep a backup of the original .HMT file in case you goof up!

NOTE! 0xED (and probably many/most other bin/hex editors) is in Insert mode by default so it's important to switch to Overwrite before you begin - Edit->Write Mode in 0xED

Here's a screenshot of a .HMT file in 0xED. Also be aware that in most bin/hex editors you will need to type 04 not just 4 (or you'll end up with 40 (64 decimal))!


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I think we need a new version of Foxy:
  • Compiled for multiple platforms (but note there are ways to run Windows programs in OSX or Linux);
  • Edit access to .hmt files stored on a local drive or by built-in FTP to a specified IP address;
  • Opens a file list in a window instead of drag-n-drop;
  • Option to list all .hmt files in sub-folders recursively;
  • Show ENC status of listed files;
  • Toggle ENC status of selected files (multiple selection by shift-click or ctrl-click);
  • Option to de-ENC all files.


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Are there really that many people who want to decrypt HD content who don't just go custom and install xyz321's auto-unprotect?

Not knocking Foxy or Parish's method (which is equivalent), just surprised if many people use it.

Posted on the move; please excuse any brevity.

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There seem to be a few, but I guess it is only a few. There might be somebody out there who is set against custom firmware for warranty reasons or whatever, with the programming ability.

However, having said that, there are ways of running Windows programs in OSX or Linux.