Happy New Year


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Just thought I would share my findings after buying two Panasonic PVRs, one with a BD player (edit), a year or so ago.

No more hanging, no more purple screens when something is recording, those irritating Humax bugs are gone!

The GUI isn't as swish as Humax's, and there is no watching a third channel when two are recording, but hey! It's worth it not to have to constantly crawl around daily on the floor to restart a box!

I still have a Humax Freesat box, but it never gets any use apart from if I watch an old recording,

Happy New Year!
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Black Hole

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He's sold out! The pain is part of the pleasure :rolleyes:

What format of recording ends up on a DVD - is it used as a straight data drive, or does it create a "normal" DVD?


Definitely contains acorns
I meant BD player, it doesn't record. Corrected.

Can't fault either, they work flawlessly. I just mildly regret the money I spent on flakey Humax boxes which always promised but never delivered.