Hard Drive from one HRD-FOX T2 into another HDR-FOX T2


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My HDR-FOX T2 had been playing up for a while - recordings would only partly record, then when watching a recording it would suddenly just stop. Plus the remote control would intermittently stop working. I upgraded the hard drive and after about 3 weeks it kept happening again, so I bought a faulty HDR-FOX T2 from ebay and basically swapped the motherboards round.

Now it it working perfectly, records, plays and the remote is all good. The only thing now is that most of the recordings I have made on the previous motherboard wont play - saying the channel is scrambled. I say most as some do play, and the recording made since are fine.

I've installed the custom firmware and installed auto-unprotect and tried copying recordings via USB but these still do not play.

Does anyone know how I can watch these recordings?


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You would need to decrypt them on the old unit. Recordings are encrypted with a key that is embedded in the motherboard.


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That's what I was afraid of. The old motherboard would just randomly power off the harddrive. I suppose I need to decide which recordings I want and just hope that when I copy it off it doesn't power off.

Thanks for the quick reply.