Have to keep reconfiguring network to make it active


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I'm using custom firmware 4.0.7. I find that, after a short period of time, I cannot access the web pages, or ping the Humax, until I reconfigure the network settings. This lasts a while before the box again becomes unresponsive to the network and reconfiguring the network settings is the only way I can get it back.

Going to standby and back doesn't help. The box is on and showing a channel during this period, it hasn't (otherwise) gone into standby. I'm using a manually configured network, and the network settings are still there on the Humax when I reconfigure, I just need to re-apply them. I also had the same problem with 4.0.6, which I installed straight after purchase.

Is this normal? Is there something I can set to stop this happening?
Thanks in advance.


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When the box does not respond to the web interface, can it connect outward to BBC Iplayer?

Good point, thanks! Yes, iPlayer works when it is in this condition, so it must have an IP address at that stage.

Despite it having manual (static IP) configuration, after a while (of being on) it decides to go and get a new one from my broadband router's DHCP pool.

Perhaps this is a bug in the firmware? However, I notice my router, a Virgin Media Superhub, has the whole subnet configured for the DHCP pool with a 1hr lease - approximately the time it would stay static. I have a few server devices configured statically (without similar issue), but I have now added those and the Humax to the router's static MAC-assigned list. Maybe that will solve the address wandering!