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Every now and then, my HD Fox seems to forget it has the CFW, so it has lost the ability to see the downstairs box via the USB method, the portal is back to the default one, and I have no webif access.

However, I have just tried to telnet in (a CFW feature I believe) and succeeded - where it tells me the box is running 1.02.29 / 2.20

So, rather than reinstall the CFW, is there a way of refreshing what is clearly installed - or have I overlooked something.

To confirm, I can telnet in, so the box is obviously networked, I know the IP address, and it appears to have some kind of CFW installed!

Cheers for any help!



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The bits that aren't working are the bits that will be on the external hard disk or USB drive on the HD model. Telnet is part of the CFW that's held in flash (and you can tell if it's working by looking for Fx.xx on the front panel during boot which shows the version).
So, what type of storage do you have connected and do TSR and recording work ok?

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Is the CF installed on a HDD or a UPD (USB stick)? I have had problems with a UPD gradually deteriorating in constant use, features getting flakey, until eventually the web server fails completely. On the Media menu, is the external drive listed? One symptom is that the drive is sometimes listed and sometimes not (even when the CF seems to be working).

Last time this happened I reformatted the UPD to Ext2 using a PC running Linux, then reinstalled all the CF from the initial download page. It was not long before it started being flakey again.


Cheers both - having some features in flash and some on stick makes sense! I use a UPD on the HD Box, as all the recording is done on the HDR downstairs, so I can't check recordings or TSR. I also understand about them becoming flaky over time - which is what seems to happen. The only reason I ever doubted that is that I can reformat and reuse the same stick when I reinstall the CFW. However, that may fit...

So - two remaining questions! Assuming the stick is flaky, is it possible to 'refresh' the CFW using a telnet command? If not, I may invest in a small external hard drive - if so, can I use an unpowered one (to avoid excess cabling!)

Cheers again!


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It is possible to use a USB hard drive that is powered from the USB socket on the Humax, however some drives will use more power than the Humax can supply, as a general rule bigger drives use more power, my 30GB drive (very small by Today's standards) works perfectly powered from USB, where-as a 2/3 TB USB3 drive is unlikely to be powered from the Humax

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A drive described as "portable" and "USB2" should work.

As far as refreshing goes, I have been asking for a backup and restore utility.