HD recording playback on PS3 from Humax DLNA fails


Both my PS3s (original “fat” and brand new “super slim”) are up-to-date software wise and can both see the Humaxen (now there’s a debate) as DLNA media servers. However, the PS3s can only play the SD recordings, not the HD ones (even if I decrypt them). For the HD recordings I get the message “The data type is not supported”. I’ve been hunting around the forums, but have failed to anything. Is this fixable?

The XBOX 360 cannot even see the Humaxes. The TV has the same problem as the PS3, but cannot even play the SD recordings.

What about “Twonky”, what sort of excess load will that place on the Humaxi, “gotchas”?
This belongs in the custom firmware section.

If you are asking for something to transcode on the fly, forget it. As for compatibility, it is not unusual for media players to decline HiDef .ts. You would not have needed to decrypt them, only run auto-unprotect to disarm DTCP streaming protection.